We make tools to solve design problems and connect 3d content creators with augmented reality hardware.

Stream models from any CAD environment to any Mixed Reality device.

Eliminate 2D drawings and redefine the possibilities of construction and fabrication with holographic templates.

Intuitively visualise building information on site and in real time to dramatically improve communication and address issues before they are problems.

Empower and engage students to push design concepts and experience them in the real world.

Our software gives educational providers the ability to create new learning experiences.

Innovative Curricula

Develop new and engaging ways of delivering learning material by shifting from 2d to 3d content visualisation, working with and within interactive augmented reality environments, exploring designs at built scales and moving faster from concept to prototype. Share learning experiences by streaming designs and augmented reality experiences. Improve collaboration between all facets of schools and industry.

Expanding Impact

Dramatically showcase rich 3D content through augmented reality exhibitions, presentations, university open days, outreach activities and academic events.

Excite and engage potential students through interactive and performative media illustrating new learning environments, academic pursuits and creative excellence.

Jobs of the Future

Anticipate the changing demands of design and construction industries and prepare students and educators for the future of professional practice.

Build partnerships with industry by utilising holographic templates to prototypes with immediate real world applications and communicate design proposals to clients and partners.

Extend the capability of designers and construction teams.

For Designers

Eliminate reliance on 2D documentation and reduce design redundancies and free up time for experimentation during schematic design. Reduce project risk by using holographic templates to convey 3D information to stakeholders at all stages of the project.

For Contractors

Reduce costs with more accurate tendering with on site visualisation of projects.  Better quality assurance and increased efficiency during construction with dynamic holographic templates. Share expertise between construction teams and provide instant feedback on design models using interactive holographic templates on site.

For Clients

Provide better better feedback to designers and consultants earlier in the design process. Understand design opportunities without the need for expertise or investment in prototypes.

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